Blueberry cobbler beer would have been perfect for State Fair. Luckily, you can get it anyway

25August 2020

Pryes Winning Cobbler, a collaboration between Pryes Brewing and The Freehouse

In general, I’m a beer-flavored beer kinda gal, but there is one notable exception: The Minnesota State Fair.

Beers released at the Great Minnesota Get-Together often have a sense of whimsy, and this beer, created for the ill-fated 2020 State Fair, hits the mark. Pryes (pronounced prize, see what he did there?) owner Jeremy Pryes sourced 6,000 pounds of blueberries for this thick, almost smoothie-like treat that uses lactose and vanilla to give it that cobbler flavor. Just don’t expect it to taste like beer.

Next time I have it, I think I’ll add a scoop of ice cream and make it a float, because this is more of a boozy dessert than a beer, so why not go all the way? The beer, which is certain to sell out fast, will be available at all Blue Plate Restaurants (Groveland Tap, Highland Grill, Longfellow Grill, The Freehouse, The Lowry, Edina Grill, 3 Squares Restaurant) and the Pryes taproom starting Aug. 27, and will hit retail shelves Sept. 7.

International Bittering Units (IBU): 21; Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.2 percent

Pryes Brewing: 1401 West River Road N., Minneapolis; 612-787-7937; pryesbrewing.com

Blue Plate Restaurants: blueplaterestaurantco.com

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