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    July 05, 2022

    In general, apartments have become a predatory business that exploits tenants for exorbitant profits. I’ve lived in worse apartments than this one, but there’s still some things I thought I’d share. I moved out of one of the first floor lofts last winter. When I moved in, it was a gorgeous unit, the walls between tenants were thick, and the unit itself felt high class. The leasing staff was also absolutely amazing! It wasn’t perfect though. The noise coming from Fresh Thyme employees and people ramming carts in/out the door directly outside my unit was horribly loud. There was little noise reduction through doors and windows. There also were a few late night parties that liked to come through that door… The parking spaces are also really tight. My first spot had a women who would park inches from my passenger door with her giant truck. I eventually started noticing scratches on that door and the leasing staff let me switch parking spots and I hadn’t had a problem since. Things took a turn in the summer of 2021 when new leasing staff replaced the old ones. Any issues you had, don’t expect them to care. I never received a letter with renewal options when my lease was getting close to ending either (but I was already in the process of buying a house so it didn’t really matter). When I saw my unit listed, they wanted almost $500 more a month than I was paying for the new tenant. There needs to be laws in place to prevent this because these rent increases are incredibly predatory and severely hurting our society. I have a mortgage now…besides property tax increases there really isn’t a change to my monthly mortgage, ever. I was having health issues that were exasperated by the noise in the hallway and when I reached out to the office staff I was slammed with a “I’m sorry YOU’RE having so many issues” and eventually given the option to move into a much much smaller one bedroom unit for almost the same I was paying for a two bedroom loft. That was far from a reasonable accommodation. I was just hoping they’d try to enforce their rules better, but clearly they didn’t care. After putting in my notice to vacant, I was given a letter about move out cleaning. I spoke to a lawyer and that is NOT legal. So don’t get swindled by them. They wanted a mandatory carpet cleaning fee and a highly recommended move out cleaning fee. Yes, tenants should clean upon move out, but those finishing services, those are costs for the complex, not the tenant. I wrote them many letters stating the illegal and predatory nature of these forms and informed them that I would not be signing them or paying their fees. On move-out, I cleaned for probably 12+ hours to get everything in beautiful shape, but a few weeks later I received my deposit back and they had removed both cleaning fees and then wanted additional money to replace a couple items (but the move-out sheet signed by them said no damage occurred to the unit and it was in good shape). I went back to my lawyer and then before moving forward on a lawsuit, tried to reach back to the apartment. First off, you only reach the actual leasing office by phone if you claim you want to rent a unit (numbered options on the call), otherwise they transfer you to some corporate line for current residents that does not help. After a few angry calls and emails, they finally agreed to return the remaining part of my deposit and I didn’t have to bring them to court (although I was prepared to, especially after the horrors of the apartment complex I lived in before that one). I wanted to share this so no one else got scammed by them on move out. You are NOT legally required to pay those cleaning fees and they can’t charge you to replace things that you didn’t damage or aren’t beyond normal wear and tear.

    Richard Azevedo
    February 28, 2022

    I have lived here almost a year. I have really enjoyed my time at this complex and even upgraded to a larger unit and extended my time. The complex is always spotless, the cleaning crew never stops! If you have any maintenance issues, they get to them right away. The leasing specialists are always friendly and willing to help. Everyone who works here is super friendly and always greets people by name. I would definitely recommend this complex to anyone looking to move

    Melissa Ness
    August 18, 2022

    Great place to live! The apartments are beautiful and spacious. The amenities are maintained well and accessible. I’ve had minor routine fixes, like a leaky faucet and loose doorknob, and maintenance is responsive and kind. Same day service! The community is amazing. I highly recommend living here.

    Anna Int.
    November 02, 2022

    It used to be one of the nicest apartments to live in until the new property director, Michal Reid, was hired last November. Since March of this year (8 months) I've been asking her to let the neighbors upstairs know that the huge swing on their balcony is constantly hitting the metal rail and makes a lot of banging loud noise which is heard in every room of my apartment even with a loud music on. When it's windy, it gets crazy, sometimes I wake up 15 times a night (even with my white noise machine on and ear blockers in my ears), sometimes I can't fall asleep until 4am. The property manager doesn't care, in fact she offered me to leave. I will later post all of her responses. And this is how she treats tenants. As one of the reviews said, under her management "apartments have become a predatory business that exploits tenants for exorbitant profit". If anybody's from weidner distric management reading this review and can do something about this...please, I would really appreciate it. I will be constantly updating and revising my review, because there's a lot to say. It's unfortunate because people under her management, maintenance and cleaning team are amazing, that's why it took me so long to post this review, but I just had enough. To be continued

    Laurencio Ronquillo
    June 17, 2019

    Ok so I wanted to wait a year to experience the full lease again process and be as objective as possible. I cannot praise more the front office and management team. All its members are friendly professional and on top of things. From cleaning to maintenance to just going the extra mile, they have been amazing. And my renewal with Dana was a breeze. She cannot be more professional kind and friendly. The facilities are top notch. Gym and Yoga room are excellent, of si were picky I'd say next thing for gym is an online trainer TV. Again that is being picky. Everything is beyond we one could need for a great workout. Common areas are perfect. Spacious, modern, clean, easy to reserve where applicable. Parking is very affordable and one has no idea how valuable this is until winter has been set for a couple months. Location is perfect, close and easy access to highways and parks and close enough to drive or uber ride to uptown and even downtown. Supermarkets, pharmacy, parks, fast food and restaurants and within walking distance. Apartments are modern, spacious and quiet. Balconies are perfect size. The community is a mix of young professionals and some small families. All respectful, friendly and some outgoing. I guess we perceive differences depending on where we have lived in the world. Above all everyone is nice. Rules are enforced with a friendly heads up and us as tenants we have a duty to keep things clean, organized and within such set rules. I am thrilled I found this place to live! I'd recommend it in a second!

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