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3000 South Hwy 100, St Louis Park, MN 55416, USA

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    Raagappiriyan Rathinam
    August 22, 2022

    Current resident, been here for a year now, had no issues, reasonably priced, friendly neighbors, good management, maintenance request we’re always addressed on time, one negative is located right off the highway so you will always hear the highway noise

    Sarah Henkels
    May 01, 2022

    I lived at this building almost 6 years, and overall it was great until covid and our parking lot remodel. The management company isn't the greatest. But I hope with the new building manager that good changes come!

    Tori Contreras
    August 15, 2019

    UPDATE: Since I wrote this, my land lord has contacted me and all my concerns were addressed. They still did not reimburse me for any monetary losses because what I was billed was based on what the cleaners clocked. The maintenance guys were a real treat and Gabriel was very kind. All in all, I enjoy living here. 3.5 Stars I've lived here for 3+ years and I recently relocated within the building, AND I have a few things to say. Cons: When you move out, don't stress about the cleaning. I spent a whole month cleaning my apartment and they still charged us for 6 hours of labor at 36 dollars an hour. There's pretty much no way to get your whole deposit back. In example, If I had put in a maintenance request for 2 light bulbs, they would have just fixed them for me, but because I moved out, they charged me for them. I moved into another unit in the building, and, upon walking in, there was a chip in the tile, a weird chicken noodle smell coming out of your air conditioning units, feces in one of our toilets, and the bath tube had a layer of dirt in it and a clogged drain. You would think, that a building that allows new residents to move into these conditions wouldn't charge 6 hours of labor for an almost clean unit. When we moved in 3 years ago, there was an amazing management team. I don't know if Ashley still works for Steven Scott, but she was attentive and wonderful. Now the management doesn't even respond to emails. I walked into the garage this winter and there was dog feces on the floor. I sent a message to management and they didn't send anything back. Also, when we were moving, management told us multiple times that we would have to pay double rent for the 1 month our leases overlapped. We finally went upstairs to talk to the Property manager and she informed us that this was untrue and she's not sure how this was miss-communicated. Furthermore, Most of the doors on the building don't open because we have to turn the lock and pull the door at the same time which periodically breaks the locks. Half the time there's dirt on the sensor to get into the garage and you have to say a few swear words to get your garage opener to work. A lot of the residence are guilty of not picking up their dog's poop. They leave carts in the hallways and the gates open on the dog run. There's also someone who sheds their dog in the elevator every day and makes the adorable couple who cleans the building vacuum it up. Pros. BUUUUT this building is crazy affordable and quiet due to how old it is. It's wonderful for anyone who is over adults pretending they're still in college, sick of crazy thin walls, and tired of the luxury apartments popping up everywhere

    Ella Vinal
    August 28, 2018

    There were certainly pros and cons about living at this property. Pros: 1. The building is SUPER quiet. Although the residence is right off of a highway, when your windows are closed you hear nothing. Along the same lines, we never heard our neighbors, except when they were in the hallways. The walls are super thick, so noise is not an issue at all. The only time you will hear someone, which is not very common, is if they are outside your front door in the hallway. 2. The building is secure. There were multiple keys needed to enter the building, as well as the individual units, which felt very safe. 3. The hallways are carpeted. 4. There is an outdoor dog area. Although, many people seem to struggle with cleaning up after their pets as there is no garbage can. 5. Garbage collection and recycling is great!! 6. The maintenance guys that we worked with were always super nice!! 7. Laundry. We spent around $60/month doing laundry, which seems to be a pretty fair price. Everyone in the building is super courteous and always removes their laundry quickly and efficiently. 8. The gym. The building has a cute little gym. I really enjoyed having access to the gym! 9. The biggest pro for us is that it is a smoke free building. Cons: 1. The largest con that we found with the residence was the overall cost of having a dog. We were required to pay a pet fee and a pet deposit at the time of move in. We also paid a monthly pet rent. Upon move out, we were also charged a fee for carpet cleaning because we had a pet. The move-out fee was quite confusing to us, as we had paid so much while we were tenants that we assumed would cover something of the sort. The fee's seem super excessive. 2. The office hours are very inaccessible for those that work "regular" hours. The office only seemed to be open during regular business hours, so for those that worked full time it was difficult to talk to anyone in the office, or access packages that were delivered to the office. 3. There are pretty high fees when paying the utility bills. We also had quite a bit of trouble getting back our security deposit upon move out, which was quite disheartening. We should not have had to go through the struggle that we did. 4. Winter and water. The parking area fills up pretty quickly with water, which created a lot of ice. We regularly felt pretty unstable walking to our cars and taking our dogs outside, and slipped quite a few times on the ice that accumulated in the parking areas.

    Analaya Haagenson
    September 05, 2019

    We have lived in the Boulevard 100 Apartment for about 2 years now. Management is friendly and helpful and the maintenance guys are great! The walls are very soundproof and you can only hear things if you're walking past someone's door. There are two great parks within walking distance for our kids to play at and a Caribou Coffee pretty much in our backyard!! The building is very conveniently located off Hwy 100 and there's a bus stop right off our parking lot! There are grocery carts in the underground parking garage that you can use to haul up groceries. VERY helpful! Oh and there's extra personal storage units on the lower level for things you don't want to keep stored in your unit. It is a pet friendly building so there are pluses and minuses with that. Overall a great location to live!

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