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    Kwowura Raphael
    August 22, 2022

    STAY AWAY FROM THESE APARTMENTS!!! This is the worse place I have ever stayed since I came to the US. They are out to rip you off with their ridiculous charges. They will not answer the phone, they will charge you heavily the least chance they get and Zi or whatever they call him is so confrontational and treats people like trash. They are usually very friendly before you sign the lease but don’t be deceived. Miss paying paying your rent even by an hour past the last day of the month and you have 80.40 dollar fine to deal with. I know my room was thoroughly cleaned before I left, yet they charged 135 for three hours of cleaning in a small one bedroom apartment and 125 for carpet cleaning. I won’t recommend them even to my worse enemy. AGAIN, STAY AWAY!!

    Bethany McKinney
    August 01, 2021

    From the beginning, the application process was not handled well. I had to call multiple time to see if our application had been accepted, reviewed, and approved. Each time I called, I was promised an answer either that day or the next. By the end of the week, I would have to call again, and I would be told that they would get me an answer the following week. We finally got our application approved with only a week to spare before the move-in date. At least, we thought it would be our move-in date. As we were driving to Courtyard at the scheduled time, my roommate got a call that we would have to wait a few hours as the former tenants had only left that morning, and there was a lot to be done. My roommate and I sat in the parking lot with our trailer of belongings for hours. We went to the leasing office several times for updates until we were finally told that we could either wait to move in until the next day, or cancel our lease. My roommate and I had no other option readily available, so we went with option 1. We regretted it. Zi, the manager, let us temporarily stay in another apartment while ours was being "worked on." The maintenance issues we were told involved a cracked window and carpet replacement. Finally, 3 days (not the next day) after our scheduled move-in date, we were told our apartment was ready (minus the window, which they said they were waiting for, but because of COVID parts were taking longer to arrive). When my roommate and I got to the apartment, we were shocked. The new carpet was nice, but the upper kitchen cabinets were pulling away from the wall. The lower cabinets were rotted. The small bedroom door was splintered. The blinds in front of the cracked window were broken. The kitchen linoleum was peeling up. The toilet needed to be replaced and the bathroom sink wasn't working. There was even blood on the counter in the master bedroom. Someone came to re-clean the apartment later that day after my roommate brought the need up. Maintenance fixed the bathroom sink and the toilet within the first 2 weeks we lived there. The upper cabinets did not get fixed for a few weeks, but they came next. I tried to give management and maintenance alike the benefit of the doubt, but, to put it mildly, things were not handled professionally. My bedroom door did not get replaced for 9 months, and a little later they finally replaced the cracked window. The blinds, linoleum, lower kitchen cabinets, and even the shared washer on my floor were not fixed the whole time I lived there. I called multiple times, was given time frames that were never met, and had a maintenance person barge in on my roommate while she was sleeping to replace a lightbulb in her closet--a working lightbulb, a maintenance request we did not make. Water got shut off about once a month with short notice and no explanation. Our apartment was treated 6 times by pest control, and we still got cockroaches even though our food was sealed and our trashcans are covered and taken out regularly. Any packages that I was not able to pick up within 15 minutes of their delivery were stolen. Again, I tried to give management and maintenance the benefit of the doubt. Zi is pleasant and professional sounding (when I have been able to get a hold of him), and my understanding is that there is perpetual overturn in maintenance workers. While I sympathize, it did not make my time at Courtyard better. I lived here for a year and saw few improvements despite complaints made. This is not the worst place one could live, but it is certainly not worth the rent we were required to pay. Either our situation is unique (I have spoken with other tenants and don't think it is), or maintenance is so overwhelmed by requests that it took them longer than a year to even consider looking at ours. Regardless, you could probably find a better option elsewhere.

    Colin Elwell
    June 30, 2021

    Day one they were late to letting us move in. Had to wait outside for three hours to let the paint dry. No compensation of course. Tried to blame us for not making a "move in" appointment, didn't tell us we had to. Constant water shut offs with little to no notice. Best case scenario is they'll slip a note under your door the night before. Apartment inspections with less than 24 hour notice (ILLEGAL). Absolutely no contact with management. Never in the office nor will they answer the phone until you ring the Goldmark main line. Police in the parking lot 2-3 nights a week during the summer. Thin walls and poorly constructed building. Don't be fooled by their responses on here, they're only interested in preserving their image and will not respond ever the minute you sign your lease.

    Joe Roggenbuck
    March 22, 2022

    DO NOT RENT HERE. This place is the worst and so unhelpful. This has been by far the most unprofessional and poorly run apartment complex I have ever experienced or heard of in my life. They constantly overcharge on rent and utilities, and never help you with ANYTHING. They have no idea what they're doing and no reasoning to why they are charging MORE MONEY to tenants constantly and making up additional charges every month. I finally moved out of the horrible place and left my apartment SPOTLESS and they ended up keeping my full deposit AND charging me an additional $200, and made up all these cleaning fees that they claimed to amount to over $800!! The worst part is that I cannot speak to a manager to at least dispute or clarify the ridiculous and unreasonable charges. Not only do they overcharge and STEAL MONEY FROM YOU, they can't even have a discussion and face the music on it. I'm contemplating getting a lawyer involved for this apartment complex of theft and robbery.

    king Stewart
    June 06, 2022

    Hi everyone I no we have had a rocky rock with courtyard but I am decated to make you guys experience become more pleasant are office staff and maintenance and cleaning crew are here for u team work make the dream work

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