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    Anthony Yeh
    October 03, 2017

    All Facts: Lived there for 2 years had my rent raised 3 times (they start you cheap but get you once you've moved in). Fire alarms constantly getting pulled Saturday morning by pranksters. For separate issues police showed up at least twice. Had a hit and run on my car overnight in the parking lot. Management group offered no assistance with that. The garage is moldy and whatever that stuff is on the ceiling falls all over your car. LOTS of bugs from the wooded area get in your apartment during the summer. In the winter the top floors are 100+ degrees, the bottom floors are barely heated - had to buy 2 space heaters. Manager - Janet is rude and will track the amount of packages you get, making weird stalkerish comments. She's also weirdly full of herself and will try to be condescending and tell you how much experience she has in commercial real estate given half an opportunity. Gave them 2 months head notice that I was moving out but after 2 years of on-time rent and zero issues - wasn't allowed to pick my own move-out date. Was denied a walk through on move out (they don't let you do final inspection with them) and then lo and behold they dinged me $400 for a 'carpet replacement'. I had my apartment professionally cleaned every month. Really shady business, really shady management group, neighborhood isn't great. Can't recommend - renter's beware.

    January 08, 2020

    This was the worst experience with a property management company I’ve ever had. I moved in while it was still under previous ownership, and everything was good at that time. Then it switched and all went downhill. Two months before my lease was up, I contacted them to let me know if I would be receiving a lease renewal and what the process was for that. They informed me that I would continue my lease month-to-month at my current rate after my lease was up. Then, a week before my lease was up they gave me a letter saying my rent was increasing by $300 a month, or more if I did month to month. I didn’t even have enough time to give my notice since it was taking effect the following week so I was forced to pay this increase. The letter itself was all over the place and said many different dates on it that were not consistent at all. I showed them the emails saying it would continue month to month at the same rate and they said another one of their employees was working there at that time and it was not an accurate thing to tell me. They said the reason for the large increase was rates at comparable places around the area. This was hard for me to grasp because the apartment units themselves are old and outdated, and there really aren’t any amenities - the gym they put in was less than desirable (had equipment stolen and not replaced, tv wasn’t even hooked up, ventilation in the room was terrible). Also they keep your packages in the office, but the office is only open during regular business hours and sometimes even closed during that time as well, so for someone who works weekdays it was almost impossible to pick up your packages. On top of all this, I was renting an underground parking space with a storage unit, and everything in my storage unit was ruined from mold. Wood items, things that were in totes, in plastic, everything. I asked Wendy if I could stop renting this since it wrecked all my things and clearly would not be using it anymore. Her response was “well, we aren’t liable for things in in the garage! You have to give 30 day notice on the garage spot/storage if you want to stop paying”. So I had to keep paying for a storage unit that I was not using and clearly did not store my items well. I gave my full notice after that situation, and it was accepted by Wendy. A few days before the last day of the month before moving out, I had not heard anything about check-out process, etc. I contacted Wendy and she was not aware I gave my notice. I showed her the email of her acceptance of my notice, and she then replied that she would not be there on the last day of the month so I wasn’t able to check out at that time. I ended up leaving my keys on the last day without an inspection since no one was in the office. I left my forwarding address both written and via email. I was contacted saying I’d receive my deposit back to the address I sent by a certain date about 3 weeks later. That date came and went, and so I reached out a few times. Each time was told it was confirmed the check was sent and should be on its way. Finally I asked to confirm the address used, and Wendy had given the wrong address. I realize this is a very long post, and these are only some of the things that had happened while living there. I wanted others to know what they are getting into before renting. The positive qualities about living here were the nice sized balcony and maintenance was quick and efficient the time or two I needed them.

    Luke Akard
    December 03, 2018

    I don't know why there are this bad of reviews. I've lived here for the past 6 months and hate the fact I have to leave. First, Janet, the manager, helped me out a lot. First time renter, first time on my own (from out of state) and she really helped me out a lot and always answered my questions no matter how many I had. She also understood my situation and worked around it with me. It's a nice and quiet area, super nice neighbors, and close to restaurants, Kohl's and Target. Also a super nice view. If you live here, you will love it.

    Ren Li
    January 11, 2020

    I was a tenant for 2+ years. The location and cost of rent was nice, but may have risen since they changed ownership around the time I left. I had a myriad of issues otherwise though. The building is older, and finishes were outdated. The building lacked security features: my car was sideswiped and the building had no camera footage available. My unit shower had leaking and maintenance was slow to respond. Service was sub-par, the office cut hours to 9 till 4 so the only time I could meet in person was for the half day the office was available on Saturday. Overall, I would not recommend renting in this particular building or with this rental association. For a around hundred dollars more, other buildings around the area offer much better amenities.

    Marz baig
    August 17, 2019

    Watch out !! New manager Wendy quoted me and advertised a lower price for the 2 bed 2 bath, and then upon approval of the application she increased the price on the apartment . Horrible strategy. Why would you advertise a certain price , quote your future tenant tenant advertised price and we even talked to her she wrote it all down for us and we applied the same day and as soon as the application was approved she increased the rent !? There is shady business here and I am glad I am not going to be a part of it anymore .

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