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    jesse watters
    April 26, 2022

    my experience has been well but I'm a pretty easy going guy. floors seem clean and my apartment meet all of my needs. i knew what i was getting into plus I'm not the type of guy to expect everything to be perfect. if i wanted perfect i would go buy a house. staff has been very helpful every time iv needed them. i have only been here for almost 3 months but over all been happy. only 4 stars because nothing is perfect.

    k j
    February 24, 2022

    I toured these apartments and they seem very dated. The price isn't horrible but I think they'd get more residents by updating the place. The building also smelled very old, not a good smell. Also the shared laundry you have to pay for every single load which is ridiculous. That should be free. At that point you might as well get a little more expensive place with in unit laundry cause you'd be spending the same. Also the office staff was friendly but in my opinion the lady at one of the desks seemed unprofessional based on how she was dressed. I'm assuming she was the receptionist but she didn't give a great impression. Also while I was waiting one the employees that I assumed takes care of the grounds was complaining of a maintenance request. Basically saying it wasn't his problem, it was the cleaning people's problem. Maybe don't have that type of conversation while a future resident is in ear shot? The assistant manager was very nice but there were times when he was showing me around he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. Oh and they charge an amenity fee when you move in plus if you want to reserve anything you have to pay extra. Just seemed very money greedy.

    Juan Scrambo
    June 22, 2022

    Multiple service requests have been put in to fix the broken air conditioning in a room this summer, and last summer. Both years they said “it works”, but it was just the fan and compressor running, but it wasn’t blowing cold air. There was likely a leak (refrigerant is ozone depleting and if you’re not cooling, you know you have a leak and you’re supposed to fix it) In Minnesota, you only have to provide heat to leasing tenants. I was an HVAC service manager for many years and understand this.. however.. if *you provide* things such as an air conditioner or refrigerator.. they have to repair these things if they stop working. On 101 degree days, the air conditioner is blowing in hot air from outside… 101 degrees outside, AC set to it’s lowest temp setting (62) and the air blowing in was 99 degrees. I checked it with a UEI temp probe. Their room was in the mid 90s, humid and felt like a sauna. That means the building manager is paying money for electricity to run broken equipment (compressor and fan in the AC) that isn’t cooling rooms; in fact, it’s pumping hot air inside and demanding more cooling for any other rooms in the building. The maintenance crew came in and told them to turn the temp lower.. but air conditioners just run refrigerant a longer amount of time to satisfy a lower temp. So if it won't satisfy 70 degrees, then it cannot satisfy 62 degrees. This will actually cause a system to freeze up and spring leaks in the coil. Turning the temp lower doesn't make the air come out colder, especially if the unit has a leak and is out of refrigerant (Again, ozone depleting) My friend lives here and has asthma and uses a nebulizer and is having to stay elsewhere, and pick up extra hours at work because it’s too hot to be in the apartment. There’s black mold in the AC unit because of the humidity that the broken AC isn’t taking out that humidity. I'm allergic to black mold, and even those who aren't.. shouldn't be breathing it in. I’ve done commercial HVAC work in apartment buildings; but these window/wall units are essentially disposable. They’re just supposed to replace them, but in the fine print they say that AC is not an emergency. Meanwhile, high humidity can damage electronics and cause black mold (which is prevalent) I can’t believe any place is run like this... I can’t imagine someone having a child or baby in an apartment that’s 95 degrees with high humidity and black mold. Absolute zero sense of urgency, nor respect for the comfort of their tenants. When I called about this issue, the person who took my call was very polite, but I was given the obligatory, flowery language, corporate run-around to keep me reassured and hopeful, just like they do with negative reviews here. They apologize for every negative review and say “that is not up to our standards” but apparently; their standard is just telling people that, and then not fixing their problems that tenants address. Read all the negative reviews. Actions speak louder than words .

    Ian W
    November 28, 2021

    The "drive by" was good with the landscaping and buildings looking well maintained. The location is convenient to work and area stores/resturants. Lease term lengths and overall pricing for units online make the process easy. The heated underground parking cost is reasonable and actually lower than other places I looked at. The apartment Manager and office staff were very helpful and able to show me the units I was interested in. They answered all my questions. The lease and move in process was efficient and without issue.

    Amos Jauregui
    March 25, 2022

    Love how well the office people were, and manager is very polite.

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