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    Rose Kat
    March 16, 2022

    We love Marbella on Dean! It's such a great location near the lakes & shops, and our loft apartment is beautiful. Amy & Ryan are absolutely amazing - they quickly respond to any questions or issues we might have. They put on fun events, like drawings, contests, Christmas gift-wrapping stations, pie for PI Day, etc. They always leave out my packages for me when I ask since I don't get home before the office closes. Overall, great experience here!!

    Cristen Post
    March 01, 2022

    Caveat Emptor. 15% rent raise upon lease renewal. Are you a good tenant who pays rent early every month? Are you a tenant who does not complain, and, in fact, takes the time to write a 5 star review for your prop management company? If so, you will be rewarded with a 15% rent raise next year. The justification for such a ridiculous raise is that the market increased since last year. So, heads up, year to year, your rent could change drastically (although I doubt your rent will ever decrease upon lease renewal- it will only increase and could be 15% or more). They claim to value their tenants but apparently a good tenant is worth less than a couple thousand dollars a year. If I wanted to pay 15% more, I would have signed a lease at one of the surrounding buildings with the nicer amenities (which is what I have now done). I take back my most of my 5 star review- except the part about Amy- she's fantastic, she goes above and beyond and works very hard to keep residents happy. I give Amy 5 stars. I won't complain about the parking, amenities, or other residents having altercations (but maybe check out the other negative reviews- they pretty thoroughly covered all those topics) and I completely understand rent increases but this is well above average and shows that despite what they say, you are not actually a "valued tenant"- they do not value their tenants. Don't fall for the bait n' switch.

    Daniel DeFoe
    January 26, 2022

    After living here for more than a year, I can definitely say I feel excellent about my choice to live at Marbella. The staff members are extremely kind and responsive. Amy at the front desk really works so hard to make your day a little easier and you will be hard pressed to meet a nicer person. Ryan in the office manages the building extremely well and has really great understanding for tenant's needs. They both took time and communicated with us to put us in the perfect unit. Thanks to both of them for genuinely caring about the people who live in the building! You cannot expect that there are never going to be problems when you live in an apartment, but I have always felt good about the ways Amy and Ryan help us to deal with them. It also feels like the units are a bit more fairly priced than other apartment complexes in the area. I feel like I am getting a great value for the area. The building also seems to continuously be getting minor upgrades, so it feels nice that they keep striving to improve for residents. Only criticisms would be: 1. The management company should try to keep the website up to date and accurate 2. Getting a reserved parking spot in the garage may be something you need to be patient with. They have an odd deal with the apartments next-door and so not all of the spots in the garage are Marbella's to sell

    Kenzie Rathe
    November 30, 2021

    Parking: it's pretty typical of a city. You have to wait for a spot in the garage but in the meantime we were able to get a flex spot. Amy was very diligent to let us know when we would have a full-time parking spot as soon as it became available. Affordability: for the area, I'm astounded at the prices here. The neighborhood is incredibly nice and Marbella on Dean is definitely a hidden gem. We have several lakes to walk around, stores are nearby, everything is 20 minutes away depending on where you want to go. I'm very happy with the ease of location, accessibility to everything, and the prices being fair. Client Service: Impeccable. Absolutely wonderful. Amy has worked with us constantly through our apartment journey. Before moving here from California, we were having the worst experiences with shady rental places that were asking for a lot of money a month in Minneapolis. Once we started talking with Amy, she was very clear-cut about everything and that is basically what got us to sign and move here. We couldn't be happier. Atmosphere: it's a very laid back apartment community. Loud music from time to time can be heard but as soon as quiet hours hit, the residents seem to respect that. Other than the fire alarm going off three different times in the past several months (false alarms) it's relatively quiet and people keep to themselves. I haven't had a bad encounter with anyone including the staff. Only bad thing: the website isn't great. They are still in the process of switching from the previous management company so the layouts on the website don't actually match the apartments. Our first loft apartment was pretty much spot-on with the layout. We moved here out of state so that was nice knowing what we were getting. However, our current 2 bed + 1 den loft was different from the sketch. Both Amy and Ryan talked us through the differences and were excited to get us a bigger space. They have been nothing but considerate and kind to us throughout our last 11 months of being here. So other than the website still being a work in progress, the client service makes up for it ten-fold. I definitely recommend living here whether is temporary or long-term. The staff and living spaces make it feel like home!

    Brandon Gerou
    June 15, 2022

    The staff at this building is amazing! Help me with any questions I have!

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