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    Hannah Reich
    July 01, 2022

    I moved in a little under a year and a half ago. The first 6 months were great with a few normal apartment problems. Management changed right when I resigned for another year. That is when most of the problems started happening. Since late summer of last year things have only progressively gotten worse. It has become a frat house on the weekends. I’m addition to that good luck finding outside parking during these times. Everyone let’s their friends park in the parking lot making it difficult to find a spot so hopefully you don’t need to go anywhere during that time. It can take over 30 minutes to find a parking spot on the weekend and if you don’t find a spot you risk being towed or ticketed for parking else where. This has been a problem since summer of 2021. The parking lot is also poorly lit and there are no security camera so if something happens to your car you are out of luck. Additionally the apartments have no sound proofing. We can trace the steps of the people above us and it can get so loud it shakes the light fixtures. Also every noise in the hallway can be heard as well. The amenities are a nice feature if you can ever use them. The community rooms and pool are constantly in use for some party. The gym is great, but things are constantly broken and take weeks to be fixed. Before management change the hallway carpets were cleaned monthly, however with new management the carpets have rarely been cleaned and the stairs always smell horrible. Additionally, when we moved into the apartment the walls still had wet paint, the carpet was still wet, and the floor had dirt all over it. Overall management does not seem to care about the building or the complaints of residents.

    Jade Kruzel
    February 17, 2022

    Moved in a little over a year ago and was super excited after taking a tour. Management was nice for the time I lived there, especially Vanessa. Talo was managed by Pinnacle for roughly half the time until Cushman and Wakefield bought them. As a property manager myself, I was excited to see some change after they took over, but that was unfortunately not the case. It’s a drunk college kid filled facility. The place turns into a frat house on weekends with drunk kids screaming and running down the hallways at 3AM. Good luck finding parking evenings and weekends. You can drive around for an hour looking for a spot or you can park your car where management tells you you’ll be safe to park and then wake up to a $280 parking ticket from Golden Valley PD. It gets even worse in the winter, especially since they only do a full lot clearing of snow once a winter. Pretty obvious cash-grab design to promote paying for the garage spot since there isn’t even half enough spaces outside for all of the residents. The kids there don’t take care of anything and management only fixes the aesthetically broken items. Gym equipment is constantly broken (and even goes missing), only 2 of the 8 grills worked by the time I moved out, there was a new piece of furniture broken in the roof top lounge every time I went up, and the pool table is falling apart, not to mention the pool sticks are always broken in half. So hey, if you enjoy over-paying for amenities you’ll never get to experience, or donating your extra cash to the government via parking tickets, then this is your place!

    Katelyn Mrozek
    June 14, 2022

    I lived at Talo for a little over a year. When I first toured, the apartment was great and we were very excited. Shortly after moving in, we realized we had moved into a very over-priced frat house. The floors/walls are incredibly thin. We heard every step that our above neighbors took and they frequently threw loud parties during the week and on most weekends. When we brought this to management's attention, they only advised us to call the police. Our apartment also sat next to a stair case. I could constantly hear people running up and down the stairs late at night. Once, our upstairs neighbors even came down to our apartment and gaslighted us to think we were the problem. The lack of communication from management is horrendous. Once, after coming home from work, I discovered our entire building had lost power as the lights were flickering in the hallways and none of the power outlets worked. After talking to neighbors, they experienced the same thing. Never once did we receive a communication from management to notify us of the power outage and what steps they were taking to regain power. The front door call system was out of order for over a month, again, no communication; however, they did communicate that they would be closed for President's day. Parking is absolutely horrible. People park wherever they want to. They park in the fire lanes, they park in non-existent spots, making it difficult for others to get out of actual spots. If you think your car is safer in the garage, well people park in your assigned spot and management waits 3 days to address it and only after you tell them you will call a towing company. The garage doors are frequently broken and left open. The key fob access in the garage doesn't work and the door is left wide open. There is zero security at Talo. If you thought having a lazy river pool would be fun...think again. The pool doesn't actually have a current, so it is just an oddly shaped pool. The pool atmosphere is again, a frat house, with marjuana, empty alcohol bottles laying everywhere and people peeing in the pool. There has been several occasions of health safety violations from Talo where they have left vomit in the hallways for over 3 days. Beer cans are everywhere, even in the planters at the front entrance. Furniture is constantly being broken in common areas. Really, the only perk is the gym. I was very disappointed with my experience at Talo and the price does not align with the poor communication and lack of accountability as a management company to make changes to the culture they have created at this apartment complex.

    Lorrie Klutse
    February 15, 2022

    Talo was my first place i lived on my own and I loved it. The staff was responsive and kind, especially Vanessa Woldsnes! She was professional, friendly, and was always available to help with anything I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better place to be, especially after the pandemic happened as they did everything possible to keep us safe while still trying to think of ways to keep us engaged. I would highly recommend it and i'm so thankful for Vanessa and team!

    March 31, 2022

    Wouldn't post my other detailed review. Dirty, janky amenities, noisy (like many other reviews warned), not worth the price

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