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    Burhan Israfael Bel
    June 27, 2022

    50 or more cars were towed todAy after a couple days notices that was confusing and hard to read. It would have been nice to direct people to a designated area like the church parking lot. Making it clear that people can Park there. Not allowing over night parking in the garage and outside parking. Sending a paragraph or two for people to read and making the towing of their property more clear is not right. The right thing to do is to direct people and to encourage people to an alternative parking . Telling people to move their car to the street is not helpful. We pay to park in the spaces that were given to us . People were hit with $320 towing violations. This is not right considering how hard this economy is. I really hope people are refunded for this inconvenience. Remodeling parking spaces at the expense of your tenants is not right ..work with your residents give them a months notice or do the service in small chunks rather than having two buildings worth of cars to relocate . We all are extremely upset by this decision to inconvenience their paying tenants!!!!!!

    Steve Gompertz
    May 27, 2022

    My wife and I showed up today for a 3:30pm appointment for a tour of a unit we were interested in. We were a little early, or so we thought. Apparently our appointment was pushed up to 3pm without us knowing which made us about 20 minutes LATE for an appointment I had no idea was changed. There was no communication about this. When I asked if we could still do the tour, the lady working the office (couldn't tell you her name as she never introduced herself) said she was leaving for the day and she moved our appointment rudely saying, "well if you had been here 20 minutes ago we could." Well, if you had communicated that your changed our appointment, we could've planned for that. First impressions are key, and so far we are not impressed with this place. Communication doesn't seem to be a strong emphasis for office staff since I didn't even get a name, just went straight to "I can give you a quote if you'd like." Oh, and when we pulled up to the first building (signage didn't say office was in the second building), there was a couple standing outside by their vehicle drinking and smoking right there. Great sight when arriving. We'll likely be looking elsewhere.

    Abdirahman Hassan
    June 29, 2022

    My friends car and others were towed due to remodeling of the parking lots which needed a more notice and better explanation. it is was unprofessional.residents cars being towed should not be tolerable. The property manager has been unprofessional and showed a lack of decency in hearing residents complaints as she herself admitted to people coming to see her to explain the posted notices. It is clear that the message to move your car to a designated area was not clear. Emails are not a convenient way as some people struggle with accessing them at times. This company continues to disregard their residents. I intended to move there but I will not and my friend is planning to move after having to pay $320 to their car back.

    Ayan Orshe
    June 30, 2022

    As far as the towing of cars, I was shocked that so many cars were towed because of the fact that we received almost a 1and half week notice to remove cars on the 24th from the garage parking and then the 27th and 29th from surface and garage. This was followed by a reminder a week out via email, followed by 3 day advance paper notice on doors, followed by a email reminder the day before and during the morning of. I get that it’s frustrating and inconvenient to have to move cars, but I appreciated the notices and reminders. The property manager was there on the morning of telling people where to park and addressing concerns. No disrespect to others who have had a different experience just my opinion. I moved in on September of last year, and up until now never had a car towed even when friends have come to visit.

    Daud Nooh
    June 28, 2022

    The building is a nice one HOWEVER ever since I moved in I have had three particularly terrible situations with the management. Firstly the day I moved in last July we were only given one key and I was regularly going to management for 2 months straight in order to get a spare. Finally when I sent an whole email complaining to corporate about the issue did they issue maintenance to address the issue. Secondly an important gov't ID document was sent to my mailbox in March and it was misdelivered to another apartment unit. I approached management a few times and they dismissed it without any help thankfully the ID finally after 3 months found its way into the lock box. Last and the worse the experience I had today with my car being towed on my expense without me being notified! I did not recieve any email and the only notice I was aware of was to clear out my garage stall which I did. I had no idea my car outside was a problem till I comeback from work to see me car gone. The scammer predatory towing company they work with suspiciously charges a whole 350 dollars for 30min towing job. So many other residents had cars towed from them some families two! A full 600plus dollars! Simply outrageous inconsiderate for tenants who are paying a premium to be in your apartments. Absolutely disappointed I approached management about the issue and was told "sorry" while she looked at her phone. Horrible a well deserved 1 star.

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