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275 Shelard Pkwy, St Louis Park, MN 55426, USA

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    naga venkatesh
    July 26, 2022

    This is really nice place to live. Nearby parks and greenery are great relief in the evenings for walk, at least in spring and summer :). Maintenance team used to show up very next day for most of the requests, except for dish washer replacement which took months. Did not like the fact that they kept my deposit for cleaning services even though we were long term residents here and cleaned the apt well. Keep observing carefully the snow cleaning notices, sometimes they do not mention clearly whether they clean garage or outside lot. Just moved out of here for a change of place. Ryan and Kelly were really helpful all the time !

    Esox Lucius
    November 08, 2022

    I lived at Westwind for 10 yeaers, as management became increasingly hostile and incompetent. For me the final straw was when they refused to keep aniceptic spray in the exercise room during the first months of Covid. "People steal it" was their explanation. Really? The couldn't risk losing a bottle of 409 to keep residents safe? When I moved out they refuised to returm my deposit unti I threatened legal action. Kelli, the Manager at that time is still the manager. Avoid this place like the plague (and know they won't provide anything to kill plague germs - because someone might "steal" it).

    Robert Pulone
    August 30, 2022

    Don't be surprised when additional charges start getting added to your rent, or an amenity that used to be free of charge suddenly costs $50 a month to have access to. Otherwise, an OK place with a quick maintenance team and a nice park. 5 stars, -1 for each time a new fee gets added that didn't exist when I signed my lease a couple years ago: dumpster service (really?), Garage Parking (thanks for backtracking on "free" amenities), significant hike in Renters Insurance needed (from $100k to now $300k).

    Alex Weatherly
    January 31, 2022

    Decent place to live and a good location. The small park nearby is great for walks. We have had a lot of maintenance issues, but the maintenance team has been very helpful. The water has been shut of randomly 5-10 times throughout the year, often without warning. They have also changed laundry services multiple times. The changes creates unnecessary hassle and makes you sign up for a new app. The main office rarely answers the phone.

    Joes Afro
    June 04, 2022

    Do not move here unless you like getting your packages stolen, or at least opened by others. I have had multiple packages stolen, and if you look down by the mailboxes you will frequently see others packages ripped open and just left there. There is a locked package room in the main building. However, you will still see ripped open packages left there as well, or opened and re-taped shut. There are no cameras anywhere on campus, esspetially not on the mailboxes or in the package room. Extremely disappointing that I can no longer have things delivered to my place of residence. Instead I have to order everything to my parents house which is an hour away. Truly, such an awesome experience..

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