How to watch as Minneapolis City Council meets Tuesday to discuss police union contract

22 March 2022

Minneapolis City Council members will meet Tuesday to discuss a tentative contract agreement with the city’s police union — offering the latest glimpse at whether they’re likely to accept the deal or ask for further revisions.

The tentative agreement with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis includes raises and $7,000 “incentive payments” for officers who remain on duty until the end of the year.

Local activists are calling on council members to reject the deal, saying it lacks many of the disciplinary changes they’ve requested. Some elected officials have said those changes are better made in policies and procedures that don’t have to be negotiated with the union.

The deal costs roughly $9 million, an amount the city said was included in the department’s roughly $191 million budget for this year.

The police federation is encouraging council members to approve the deal, saying it would help recruit new employees for a department that is down roughly 300 officers since George Floyd’s murder.

The deal includes raises and “market adjustments” for police officers. By year’s end, an officer who has graduated from the academy would be set to make about $74,000 per year, with the ability to earn more if they work certain shifts that come with bonus pay or stay on the force for more than seven years.

The deal makes two changes to the discipline section. One revision aims to clarify what happens to police supervisors who are demoted and then rejoin the union ranks. Another e-mails officers when someone requests public records about them and tells them who made the request.

Another change elsewhere in the document aims to give the police chief wider latitude to decide where officers should be assigned when they return from a “critical incident” — one in which they are seriously harmed or seriously harm or kill someone else.

The Policy & Government Oversight Committee’s meeting begins at 10 a.m. and will be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel.

This story is developing and will be updated.

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