Letters: DFLers need to show they have no time for such divisive, dangerous language

19August 2020

The DFLers in House District 67A need to quickly and publicly denounce their chosen candidate, John Thompson, and demand he withdraw from the race. His racist, bigoted and threatening comments in front of Lt. Bob Kroll’s Hugo home – suggesting folks burn Hugo down, and a series of vile outbursts amplified by a megaphone – show this man cannot be trusted to represent the working people of St. Paul’s East Side.

DFL leaders at all levels need to distance themselves from Thompson and show they have no time for such divisive, dangerous language in their elected members. It is now inconceivable that Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman could ever discipline this man without fear of his verbal attacks, and the potential that he might incite others to violence.

Dave Racer, Woodbury


Voting systems

The mainstream media, as a whole, continue to treat absentee ballots and mail-in ballots as if they are the same. A perfect example of their disregard for the differences is their reporting that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi calling out President Trump for using a “mail-in ballot” to vote in Florida’s primary. President Trump asked for an “absentee ballot” because he’s pretty busy in D.C. keeping this nation afloat.

There is a difference — a big difference. Absentee ballots must be requested by individual voters and required a verifying witness signature and a good reason for not being able to go to the polls to vote in person. Mail-in ballots are sent to all registered voters, dead or alive, and without regard to whether the voter wanted one or not.

It is incumbent on the media to make sure their viewers/readers are clearly informed of the type of ballot being reported on and the difference between the two types.

Gary Schraml, Lindstrom

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