Letters: Don’t blame somebody else if you don’t vote on time

20August 2020

In listening to and watching current news segments, I begin to wonder what responsibilities people have anymore. It is always somebody else’s problem or fault.

Take mail-in voting as an example: I will state up front that because of Covid-19 my wife and I have done all mail-in voting this year so far. But we have taken the responsibility to request, fill out and send them back so that they are there in plenty of time to be counted on Election Day.

When state and local governments allow the request for a mail-in ballot to be made up until the day before an election I ask myself, what is wrong with that idea? Well there is plenty wrong, and it is the fault of our president and the Postal Service, apparently. People have no responsibility to think and plan in advance because we all live in the moment now. People take no responsibility and it is being encouraged by being very liberal in allowing things like this to happen.

Why blame the president and Postal Service? Why force people and businesses to work overtime because you can’t think far enough ahead? You should know that if you can request your ballot up until the day before the election that you may not get the ballot until the day after the election has taken place.

So one more question. Does your credit card company or anybody else you owe money to allow you to continually pay your bills late without any consequences? For those college students, what happens when you don’t turn your work in on time?

So why run elections this way?

Gary Koenen, Shell Lake, Wis.


Supporting Trump

I’m not sure why “Doonesbury” is in the comics section. Garry Trudeau it seems is consumed with hate. Hate directed at President Trump and anyone who supports him.

To suggest that racism is the GOP brand is ridiculous. I’m an independent, and proudly flying a Trump 2020 flag. Garry Trudeau is helping to support Trump in a strange way. I get more excited to vote every time I read such nonsense.

Mike Chalich, Swatara, Minn.


A great nurse and soldier

I was an Army medic in Viet Nam from January 1970 to March 1971.  I was stationed at the 17th Field Hospital in An Khe which was located in the Central Highlands. I was 23 years old.

There was a nurse at the 17th who was from St. Paul. Her name was Mary Beth Crowley. The soldiers called her “Gracie” since she looked like Gracie Slick, the lead female singer in the rock group “Jefferson Airplane.”

Mary Beth was one year older than me but she possessed so much poise, confidence and intelligence. Mary Beth worked hard and she was well respected by the wounded soldiers. She had a nice sense of humor that made the soldiers feel good. She never appeared to get ruffled even though she was responsible for 12 to 15 wounded soldiers on the surgical ward. I was fortunate to work with her.

After 50 years, I recently made contact with Mary Beth via Facebook. I thought about her for many years since she made a tremendous impression upon me.  Mary Beth was a great nurse and soldier.

Joseph T. Sullivan, Binghamton, N.Y.

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