Minneapolis Charter Commission approves new political boundaries

2 March 2022

The Minneapolis Charter Commission on Wednesday approved new boundaries for City Council wards and Park Board districts, a process that will shape who gets elected in the city for the next decade.

The city is required to update its political boundaries to reflect the growth — of nearly 50,000 people — recorded in the latest census data.

The city will use the new ward lines next year, when City Council members run for a two-year term. It will use the new Park Board lines in 2025, when the commissioners and other city officials come up for election again.

The latest council maps move several neighborhoods, or portions of them: The Bottineau neighborhood in northeast Minneapolis moves from the Third Ward to the First Ward; the entirety of the Elliot Park neighborhood near downtown is now in the Sixth Ward; the West Maka Ska neighborhood in south Minneapolis is moved from the Thirteenth Ward into the Seventh Ward; and the Cooper neighborhood in south Minneapolis moved from the city’s Second Ward to the Twelfth Ward.

More detailed versions of the maps are available on the city’s website.

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