Sainted for the bus-stop trash bag. As for those too lazy to use it …

22August 2020

Sainted and Tainted

A very big thank you to the person who hooks the black plastic garbage bag on the tree branches at the bus stop on the northeast corner of McKnight & Lower Afton.

Tainted to those who are too lazy to reach an arm out to throw their trash into it!

Kathy Lamphere, St. Paul



Tailgaters in drive-throughs.

It never fails that the car behind me in line runs right up on the rear of mine. What are they thinking, that they’re going to make it up to the window in front of me? I always know they’re too close when I put my back-up camera on and can’t see their headlights.

Jean-Anne Gates, St. Paul



Long overdue, but Sainted to the Ramsey County Public Works Department for quickly addressing a dangerous sight obstruction at the intersection of Courtly Road in Woodbury and Century Avenue in South Maplewood. The crew did a fantastic job clearing the overgrowth in the area. I even got a follow-up call to see if I was satisfied!

I smile every time I’m at that intersection now – possible-crash-apprehension is gone!

Amy Belfiori, Woodbury



Who represents the biggest threat to the safety and well-being of us old timers sitting in senior and nursing homes minding our own business? There are two groups which make up this threat and and at first blush they appear different but upon close scrutiny they are very similar, for they share a commonality; they are seeking thrills.

No 1 are mostly kids and the “I don’t give a damners” driving or running loose in the city firing their guns in every direction.

No 2  are the adults who seem bound and determined to pay no attention to what our leaders tell us which is to protect each other from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

These two groups of largely disparate ages are the Thrill Seekers’ out to have fun, aggravate or even kill others, and exercise their “right” to freedom. They pose a grave risk to all citizens of St. Paul especially innocent law abiding “old timers.”

Harrison H. Farley, Lilydale



To the Cub Pharmacy staff at 1440 University Avenue W in Saint Paul, including Pharmacist Jeff and technician Dart. Thank you for going above and beyond in getting my prescriptions and other needed items filled and mailed out promptly. This has been a rough year and your kindness and dedication makes me have one less thing to worry about.

I am forever grateful to all of you.

Jacqueline Heintz, St. Paul

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