Travis “Bull” Johnson (Legal Marijuana Now Party): 2022 Election Guide

19 October 2022

Welcome to WCCO.com’s 2022 Election Guide!

We reached out to all Minnesota candidates running for U.S Congress this fall, as well as all statewide contests. Candidates were asked to provide a two-minute video discussing their platform as well as answer a set of political questions.

Above is the video 7th Congressional District candidate Travis “Bull” Johnson provided. Below are his answers to the questionnaire.

This is not a paid advertisement nor does WCCO endorse any candidate.

Do you oppose or support abortion rights?

I do not believe there is a right to an abortion in the US Constitution, as such it is not a federal issue, if elected I will not vote to enshrine or ban abortion on a federal level.

Do you believe there should term limits be set for members of U.S. Congress? For Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court?

I think there should be a 3 term limit in the house and 2 in the senate with no one allowed to serve in congress more then 12 years total.  Supreme court justices should not have a term limit but should be subject to a no confidence vote every 7 years. 2/3th majority in both houses would be required to end their term.

In the wake of alleged fraud related to COVID relief funds, what needs to be done to continue investigating fraud of this kind and magnitude, and uncover just how much of it occurred?

Grants should be tied to direct need.  How was 250 million eaten up in fraud without it being obvious? Because that much was not required.  I do not like to see government expanded but a separate independent IG would probably be warranted.   I would also suggest that a contracting officer similar to what the DOD uses for contracts also be used who has fiduciary responsibility for the money spent, to have a government official directly on the hook would likely provide at least some oversight.

Do you believe Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President of the United States?

Yes, I have seen no proof for to say otherwise.  If I had been a member of congress I would have certified all states election results.

Do you support Biden for Democratic nominee in 2024? Do you support Trump If he seeks the Republican nomination in 2024?

As a third party, I do not have a dog in that fight, not my monkey’s not my circus.  I would however be very disappointed if in a country with over 330 million people those are the best two candidates we could come up with.

What is responsible for inflation and what steps do you advocate to stabilize and lower soaring prices?

Excessive spending while shutting down the economy was the primary drivers of inflation.  The shutting down of the economy was the primary cause of supply chain issues.  The first stage in an injury is often to stop the bleeding, it is the same here, reduce spending and streamline regulation.  Inflationary price rises very seldom come down, prices due to supply and demand however do, so ensure we do not have interruptions in the supply chain by diversifying our suppliers, we do this by limiting corporate protections and welfare, allowing them to fail and be replaced my multiple smaller businesses who will need to compete for business.

Should politicians be allowed to trade stocks?

No. It is an inherent conflict of interest.

What is the government’s responsibility when it comes to climate change?

To run an affordable court system that will allow citizens the right to sue corporations for damage done to the environment.  To provide us with scientific based information free of political or corporate pressures.  Give us what we need to make educated decisions.

Do you agree with President Biden’s plan to forgive $10,000 of student debt for most Americans who have outstanding student loans?

No.  I think a majority if societies ills are created by a lack of responsibility, not holding people, companies or officials responsible for their actions or efforts.  We see this from grade school now with relaxed grading and sports with no winners.  Doing something foolish (IE taking loans on a degree that will not provide you with the income to pay off the loans) should hurt.

Do you believe there should be laws enacted to put limits or ban automatic weapons sales in the U.S.?  

No, the issue with gun violence is not the guns any more then failing a class is the fault of the pencil.  Over the past 50 years, gun ownership has been pretty consistent while gun fatalities and mass shooting have increased, when we try to figure out the problem, we probably would not want to start with the constant in the equation.   (1972 43% of households had guns compared to 2021 at 42%.  Those numbers have fluctuated from 37-47%  )

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Author: CBS Minnesota

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