Wolves’ Rudy Gobert deal reportedly stalls trade market, frustrates some across NBA

19 July 2022

MINNEAPOLIS — The NBA offseason, rife with trade standoffs, has stagnated thanks to the massive Rudy Gobert trade conducted earlier in the month.

In exchange for the French center, the Jazz took four of the Wolves’ future first round picks, along with their most recent first round selection and four serviceable role players on expiring contracts. For a player of Gobert’s ability, it’s a return of unprecedented worth that has reset the trade market, forcing other teams looking to offload more desirable superstars to up their asking price.

And according to NBA insider Brian Windhorst on his ESPN podcast, much of the league has expressed significant displeasure with the enormity of the trade.

Frustration from around the league stems from Gobert’s widely known instability in the postseason — where he failed to take Utah past the second round of the playoffs in six appearances — as well as his limited skillset and versatility as an overall talent. Teams around the NBA don’t seem to believe he’s worth the price he was traded for.

The Gobert trade is assuredly part of the reason why All-NBA performers like Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets teammate Kyrie Irving will likely be staying put for the summer, despite being available for trade for several weeks and unquestionably more valuable than the three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

It also may be the reason why the New York Knicks’ efforts for Gobert’s former co-star, Donovan Mitchell, have struggled to actualize. Mitchell, the star of the Jazz, is considered to be more valuable than Gobert and will demand plenty of the Knicks’ most treasured assets.

This isn’t the first time a Wolves’ franchise-altering move has inadvertently affected the entire league. After Kevin Garnett signed his groundbreaking $126 million extension in 1997, labor tensions between owners and players in the NBA soon followed and the league began its spiral towards the lockout of the 1998-99 season.

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Author: WCCO Staff

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